"Hilarious... Great...Funny... Deeper and braver..." Los Angeles Blade

"Scholl (is) wondrous in capturing the meat of (his) dilemmas."– Broadway World





"Scholl, as David, is the hub of the show, and cannily crafts his performance to highlight the constancy in his persona, the steadfast refusal to let go of something that matters to him – even if that means he spends a lot of time whining. Hilariously whining, to be clear; he does a great job of personifying that guy we all know, who we might even pity in some way because he always seems so damn miserable under all those quips and barbs, and letting us laugh both with and at him. Then he takes us along on a redemptive journey in which he allows himself to be as surprised by it as we are. It’s a funny performance, sure, but its deeper than it seems, and braver, too." (read the whole review) – Los Angeles Blade

A still from his Volkswagen commercial. 

Here's a still from his national Hallmark 

commercial, directed by Yael Staav.

Guest Starred as JEFF on Be Cool, Scooby Doo! on Cartoon Network!

•••• "Trading Chases" ••••

Here's a still from his Aamco commercial. This pratfall had the entire crew in stitches.

The critics agree: LAST SWALLOWS was a HIT!

“STRIKING.... Director Scholl’s staging works so well to create the chaos at the heart of the story.... Jarring and poignant." – Stage Raw 

Kiff was featured in the 2022 Super Bowl ad from Expedia, starring Ewan McGregor!

​​Nominated for a Broadway World LA Award for Best Director of Moon Over Buffalo!

"The wry & subtle kiff scholl"


Writer / Director / Producer of

the Hit Progressive Political Satire Web Series


Over 100,000 hits on YouTube & Facebook!

Kiff's Honda commercial was seen on
​TV screens across the country.

- LA Weekly

Every Man is a serial television drama about an up-and-coming actor in the 1970s who struggles with his career as a Saturday morning superhero, his floundering marriage, and his efforts to conceal his true sexuality.


OTHER SCRIPTS available, including:

Halfway Home, a serial television drama about a single mother starting her career running a halfway house in upstate NY in the early 1980s.

Juror 5 is a feature-length, pitch-black comedy that delves into the mind of a lower-middle-class Los Angelino, forced to address his own rank in the social order when dragged into a murder trial of a lower-class love triangle.

Burn Ward, a stageplay in one act about the chaos of small-theater-making when a vanity project is mistaken for art, and suddenly egos take over and all hell breaks loose.

Received RAVE REVIEWS starring in


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A still from his Verizon commercial.

Kiff on set of his recent national Jetta shoot, with director Jeff Zwart.

Obligatory Trailer shot —————>

<– 60 sec.

                      15 sec. –>

This is a SIZZLE REEL Kiff directed for the rowdy, hip hop musical, FUTURE SEX, INC., which he also directed.

A still from Kiff's NIKE commercial. 

Over 90 Million hits!

Kiff DIRECTED the APPLE TOP 100 True Crime Podcast of 2020

The Harvey Weinstein Trial Unfiltered

— a daily podcast of the transcripts from the day's most dramatic moments!

W H A T ' S   N E W ?

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NDA's prevent us from going into too much detail, but check back here in May 2023 to find out about Kiff's exciting new comedy Guest Star role!

KIFF as a Doctor who's all "tied up"- humorously featured