Kiff Scholl

This is a SIZZLE REEL I directed for the rowdy, hip hop musical, FUTURE SEX, INC., which I also directed.

Writer / Director / Producer of

the Hit Progressive Political Satire Web Series


Over 100,000 hits on YouTube & Facebook!

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W H A T ' S   N E W ?

look for KIFF as a Doctor who's all "tied up" 


​​Nominated for a Broadway World LA Award for Best Director of Moon Over Buffalo!

A still from his Volkswagen commercial. 

Here's a still from his Aamco commercial. This pratfall had the entire crew in stitches.

A still from Kiff's NIKE commercial. 

Over 90 Million hits!

A still from his Verizon commercial.

Kiff's Honda commercial was seen on
​TV screens across the country.

Here's a still from his national Hallmark 

commercial, directed by Yael Staav.

- LA Weekly

Kiff on set of his recent national Jetta shoot, with director Jeff Zwart.

"The wry & subtle kiff scholl"

Guest Starred as JEFF on Be Cool, Scooby Doo! on Cartoon Network!

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