Over the course of nine rounds, you can adopt up to five individual dogs into your pack, each with varying degrees of skills. Every round another activity option becomes available, where your myriad pups can expend energy for JOY – including training, which allows them to upgrade their skills, enabling JOY-boosting Dog Careers, like Sheep Herder, Actor, or even as an Emotional Support Animal! 

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Basic Rules

1: Adopt a New Dog! (Max 5) 

2: Assign her to an Activity Space where she’ll gain Training, Energy, Food, Careers, and/or Joy-building Exclamation Points, like BOOP! PLAY! DIG! and GO!

3: Take turns to dispatch your varied pack members until everybody’s dogs are contently occupied!

4: Trade Exclamation Points for Milestones!

5: After every 3 Rounds: ROAD TRIP! Time to:

    • Feed your dogs!

    • Reward dogs with extra added skills!

    • Experience random events!

5: Whoever has the most JOY at the end of the ninth round is declared... TOP DOG!

Tabletop Simulator Version Available!

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Rulebook available as a PDF

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Introducing Dogville! The new, Euro-style, 2-4 player, worker-placement game where you adopt dogs of various breeds and skills who then become your eager workers. Amplify their achievements with highly competitive careers and training, pass historic dog milestones, and enjoy a constant barrage of adorableness on the joy-packed Road Trip. At the end of 9 rounds -over 3 seasons- whoever has the most joy is declared Top Dog.

Designed by long-time gamer, and first-time designer, Kiff Scholl, Dogville is a competitive board game for ages 14-99 (2-18 in dog years!)