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"Kiff Scholl’s Surprise (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️), in which an otter (John Halbach) and a bear (Bil Yoelin) meet at a party and, through a series of strange “flash-forwards,” break down their three-month relationship. Toying with convention, Scholl’s narrative is novel enough to keep us engaged" – Metro Weekly

3 Maverick Movie Awards:

Best Director

Best Sound Design & Editing

The "Precious"

Thrillspy Film Fest

Best Comedy

The Faux Film Festival

"Best of Faux"

Audience Award

The Accolade Award


a short film

written and directed by Kiff Scholl

Available on VIMEO

Watch it HERE!

Reel Affirmations Film Fest


Directed by Kiff Scholl

Written by LB Zimmerman and Kiff Scholl

Starring LB Zimmerman & Susan Sommer

AvailAble on Dekkoo

Watch it HERE!

Future sex, inc. -sizzle reel

A tantalizing taste of this raunchy new musical, by John Papageorge. I directed this video to be projected on stage, but it ended up being cut. So we took video and turned it into a little sizzle reel for the musical, should anyone care to invite us on tour.


a short film by Joshua Fardon

directed by Kiff Scholl

scream of the bikini

produced by Go Lightly Productions

directed by Kiff Scholl

"It absolutely nails the

tone on just about

every level"

​"it’s clear that Scholl –

a theater director – as

well as his cast and crew, have an abiding affection for their subject."
Girls With Guns


A Political Satire Web Series       

DIRECTOR of APPLE TOP 100 True Crime Podcasts of 2020

The Harvey Weinstein Trial Unfiltered

— a daily podcast of the transcripts from the day's most dramatic moments!

Introducing "My Quarantine Project"

Written and directed by Kiff Scholl •  Cinematographer: Lenny Manfred

Starring: Kiff Scholl, David Amito, Jon Beauregard, Paul Zies, Zach Russom & Action