Kiff Scholl

Directed by Kiff Scholl

Written by LB Zimmerman and Kiff Scholl

Starring LB Zimmerman & Susan Sommer

currently in post production


A Political Satire Web Series                                    Coming this Spring


a short film by Joshua Fardon

directed by Kiff Scholl

3 Maverick Movie Awards:

Best Director

Best Sound Design & Editing

The "Precious"

Thrillspy Film Fest

Best Comedy

The Faux Film Festival

"Best of Faux"

Audience Award

The Accolade Award


a Lumbersexual Love Story

written and directed by Kiff Scholl

Starring John Halbach & Bil Yoelin

currently in post production

scream of the bikini

produced by Go Lightly Productions

directed by Kiff Scholl