Kiff Scholl

"Kiff Scholl’s Surprise (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️), in which an otter (John Halbach) and a bear (Bil Yoelin) meet at a party and, through a series of strange “flash-forwards,” break down their three-month relationship. Toying with convention, Scholl’s narrative is novel enough to keep us engaged" – Metro Weekly

3 Maverick Movie Awards:

Best Director

Best Sound Design & Editing

The "Precious"

Thrillspy Film Fest

Best Comedy

The Faux Film Festival

"Best of Faux"

Audience Award

The Accolade Award

"It absolutely nails the

tone on just about

every level"

​"it’s clear that Scholl –

a theater director – as

well as his cast and crew, have an abiding affection for their subject."
Girls With Guns

Reel Affirmations Film Fest


Availble on Dekkoo

Watch it HERE!


A Political Satire Web Series       

Future sex, inc. -sizzle reel

A tantalizing taste of this raunchy new musical, by John Papageorge. I directed this video to be projected on stage, but it ended up being cut. So we took video and turned it into a little sizzle reel for the musical, should anyone care to invite us on tour.


a short film

written and directed by Kiff Scholl

Dances With Films


Directed by Kiff Scholl

Written by LB Zimmerman and Kiff Scholl

Starring LB Zimmerman & Susan Sommer


a short film by Joshua Fardon

directed by Kiff Scholl

scream of the bikini

produced by Go Lightly Productions

directed by Kiff Scholl