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As the graphic designer for "TRANSITION", I got an email yesterday "We need to know where you got the images of the Presidents in the ad. Also if you have permission to use it, if you do not own the image?" to which I replied "I drew it, so I own it" The next thing I knew it was rejected. My jaw is still on the floor. Am I a controversial artist now? Am I Banksy?

Our focus at AFK Design is to create completely original, impeccable design for new and revival theater productions from Los Angeles to NY. By working closely with the producer, director and/or writer, we at AFK Design create original key-art, title treatments and taglines (what we call The Triumvirate) that together tell an intriguing visual story that reaches the perfect audience for any production.

See below for numerous examples of our work over the past decade.  

Founder and owner Kiff Scholl is happy to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to CONTACT US at the email link below.